Jim Hunter

Jim is a Nevada transplant from Georgia.

His first memory is of sitting on a wooden pew bench in a rural church meeting then suddenly being whisked outside for some noisy infraction.  Christian religion is what he knew until in college, during March 1994, when life hit rock bottom.  Jesus changed his life and began a relationship with Jim. It seemed that working "for God" was the next step so he began a 21 year journey as a Student Pastor.  Jim, his wife of 23 years, Amy, and their 3 children moved to Nevada in June of 2015 to be the Teaching Pastor for Faith.  Reno is God's place for them. The Hunters enjoy the Great Basin area but most of all the opportunity to share Jesus in the West!  Jim likes college basketball, being outdoors, reading, and trying to irritate Pastor J with detailed questions.

Keith Ryan


J Ballard.jpg
J. Ballard

J (a shortened version of J.D, an even shorter version of Je... that's a secret) is a Nevadan and the sole reason his hometown has a curfew.  If it was wrong to do J has likely done it, even leading to him being imprisoned.  It was there that Jesus reminded J of his earlier confession of faith as a young child.  J figured that it was time to forsake all and trust Jesus.  God got J out from behind bars and placed him behind a podium preaching the Good News of Jesus all over the West.  He met and married his better half, Nicky, and they have ministered for over 20 years as missionaries.  They launched Faith in the Fall of 2012.  J likes cars, work projects, and his favorite NFL team is the New England Patriots.  J enjoys Tic-Tacs by the case and blowing Pastor Jim's mind with plans for the future!